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On the Trail of King Arthur & Tintagel Castle – Group Travel Inspiration

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From 50-55AD the Romans occupied Exeter in Devon where they had a strong fortification, but never made much impact further west in Cornwall where the Celtic tribes ruled. In the 6th and 7th Centuries the Romans left the South West and Anglo-Saxons took their place, but they made little headway against the Celtic chieftains of Cornwall who continued to resist any invasion. The stories surrounding the legends of King Arthur are probably derived from one of the Celtic chieftains and their battles against the Saxons.

Throughout Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly there are many places to include on a tour of the area where you can relive the Arthurian myths and legends.

Tintagel Castle is the most iconic of all the Arthurian sights and is set on the north coast of Cornwall. The Castle is situated on an island which is joined to the mainland by a narrow stretch of land, this dramatic location is said to have been the birthplace of King Arthur.

On Bodmin Moor is Slaughterbridge, where on the riverbank a 6th Century inscribed stone is said to mark the site of King Arthur’s last battle which was against his nephew Mordred.

Dozmary Pool is a mysterious lake steeped in myth and legend on Bodmin Moor, among the legends are that this is where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was thrown and received by the Lady of the Lake.

The Tristan Stone near the village of Fowey is a monument which marks the grave of Drustanus – also known as Tristan/Tristram one of Arthur’s knights and the nephew of King Mark of Cornwall.

Boscastle is a picturesque fishing village and port on the north coast of Cornwall, it is believed that King Arthur’s body was brought here after his last battle.

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