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Isles of Scilly – Group Travel & Bespoke Individual Luxury Tours

Bespoke Group Travel on the Isles of Scilly

Considered Cornwall’s hidden jewel the Isles of Scilly are set in stunning azure seas, a genuinely unique natural environment that offers a taste of Cornwall with none of the hustle and bustle. With subtropical gardens, pure white sandy beaches and stunning vistas you’ll quickly see why once visited the islands pull visitors back again and again.

Of the hundreds of rocks, islets and islands on Scilly, only five are inhabited – St Mary’s plus the off-islands of Tresco, St Agnes, Bryher and St Martin’s. In the fairly recent past Samson was also populated – the abandoned houses are a great draw for visitors today. Go back thousands of years and St Helen’s and Tean were homes to Early Christian communities. Go back thousands more, and many of the smaller islands like White Island, Nornour, Northwethel and Great Ganilly were homes to a dispersed population of prehistoric farmers. It’s their fields and huts that lie seaweed covered at low tide.

St Mary’s and Tresco are stepping stones between the mainland of Cornwall and the more far flung islands. St Mary’s actually has tarmac road and traffic (but you can’t bring your car from the mainland). Tresco has the famous Abbey Gardens, full of subtropical plants that draw visitors from all over the world. St Agnes, Bryher and St Martin’s are the more far flung, distilled illustrations of island life. Here the only traffic on the small concrete tracks is an occasional tractor. There is hardly any pollution, so the Milky Way is fabulously clear from unobscured night skies.

If you have a group looking to sample this unique destination to follow an interest in history, gardens, walking or just enjoying the islands unspoilt natural environment we can create a complete package. We provide transport to and from the islands, hotel accommodation, guides and bespoke itineraries created you and your clients.

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