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Cornwall’s Contribution to the History of Art

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Cornwall: A Creative Force from Prehistory to the Present

Cornwall has a long and rich history of art and sculpture, dating back to the earliest human inhabitants of the region. The county has produced a wide range of art, from intricate prehistoric carvings to vibrant contemporary installations. Cornwall’s art scene is vibrant and diverse, and it continues to produce new and exciting work.

Prehistoric Art – Some of the earliest examples of art in Cornwall can be found in the county’s megalithic monuments. These monuments, such as the Men-an-Tol, Lanyon Quoit and the Merry Maidens, are decorated with carvings of abstract and geometric designs. These carvings are thought to have been created by the early inhabitants of Cornwall, and they provide a fascinating glimpse into their culture and beliefs.

Early Christian Art – Cornwall was also a center of early Christian art in Britain. The Cornish cross is a distinctive type of early Christian cross that is found in Cornwall and parts of Devon. These crosses are often decorated with intricate carvings, including biblical scenes and symbols. The earliest Cornish crosses date back to the 5th century, and they were an important part of the early Christian church in Cornwall.

Medieval Art – Cornwall was also a center of medieval art in Britain. The most famous example of medieval Cornish art is the Penwith School of painting, which flourished in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Penwith School is known for its use of bright colors and its depiction of local landscapes and customs.

Stannary Art – Stannary art is a type of folk art that developed in Cornwall in the 17th and 18th centuries. Stannary art is characterized by its use of tin ore, which was a major industry in Cornwall at the time. Stannary art often depicts local scenes and customs, as well as religious and mythological themes.

Modern and Contemporary Art



Cornwall has also been home to a thriving modern and contemporary art scene. Some of the most famous artists who have worked in Cornwall include:

Cornwall’s Contribution to Art History

Cornwall’s art scene has been shaped by its unique history and culture. The county’s rugged coastline, its rich Celtic heritage, and its industrial past have all influenced the work of the artists who have lived and worked there. Cornwall’s art scene is also thriving today. The county is home to a number of galleries and museums, as well as a number of annual art festivals.

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