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Cornwall’s Green Revolution: Sustainable Group Travel

Specialist Group Tour Operator & DMC for Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

In a world where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, Cornwall shines as a beacon of eco-tourism and responsible travel. This southwestern gem is not only celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture but also for its dedication to preserving its natural beauty. If you’re an environmentally conscious group looking to make a positive impact while exploring stunning destinations, Cornwall should be at the top of your list.

Based in Cornwall we’re the only full service destination management company for our region. Recommended partner of Visit Cornwall, the official tourism board, we work with tour operators, agents and individual group leaders offering it as part of complete packages that can include London, Southern England and the rest of the UK & Ireland.

Join Cornwall DMC as we delve into Cornwall’s remarkable efforts in sustainable tourism, eco-friendly accommodations, and responsible travel options tailored for groups.

Sustainability Initiatives in Cornwall:

  1. Plastic-Free Coastlines: Leading the charge in the fight against plastic pollution. Many coastal communities have embraced the plastic-free movement, organizing regular beach clean-ups and encouraging responsible waste management. Your group can actively participate in these initiatives, making a tangible difference to the region’s pristine coastline.
  2. Renewable Energy: A pioneer in harnessing renewable energy sources. The region boasts impressive wind and solar farms, showcasing the potential of green energy. Your group can visit these facilities and gain insights into the transition to sustainable power.
  3. Wildlife Conservation: Home to diverse ecosystems, including marine life like seals, dolphins, and seabirds. Numerous organizations are dedicated to protecting these species and their habitats. Engage your group in wildlife tours and learn about Cornwall’s remarkable conservation efforts.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations:

  1. Luxury Eco Retreats: Cornwall offers a range of eco-friendly accommodations, including luxurious retreats that prioritize sustainability. These lodges and glamping sites are equipped with renewable energy sources, efficient water systems, and sustainable practices, ensuring that your group enjoys comfort while minimizing environmental impact.
  2. Historic Eco Hotels: Experience Cornwall’s rich history while staying in eco-friendly hotels and boutique group accommodation that have adopted sustainable practices. These establishments often feature water-saving systems and energy-efficient appliances without compromising on comfort or charm.
  3. Sustainable Campsites: For a back-to-nature experience, consider camping in Cornwall’s eco-friendly campsites. These sites actively promote recycling, composting, and responsible water usage, providing an excellent opportunity for your group to connect with the environment.

Responsible Travel Options:

  1. Eco-Friendly Transportation: Cornwall offers a range of eco-friendly transportation options, including electric bike rentals and well-connected public transport systems. By choosing these modes of transportation, your group can minimize its carbon footprint and explore Cornwall responsibly.
  2. Farm-to-Table Dining: Cornwall is a hub for farm-to-table dining, offering opportunities to savor locally sourced, organic, and sustainably grown produce. Group travelers can dine at restaurants that support local farmers and promote sustainable food practices, contributing to the region’s eco-friendly ethos.
  3. Educational Workshops: Cornwall hosts various educational workshops on sustainable living, where your group can learn about recycling, upcycling, and reducing waste. These workshops provide valuable insights for a more sustainable lifestyle both during and beyond your trip.

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